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Machine Spec
Model Name NEC PC-9801BX/U2
MotherBoard Revision Unknown...
BIOS Revision Unknown
CPU i486SX/20MHz
Memory 4MB SIMM (61 Compati) x2 + 2MB Memory board = 10MB
Display NEC PC-HD1521
Hard Disk Drive wd0:Western Digital 3.2GB (Dummy)
sd0:IBM 1GB
CD-ROM Drive cd0:TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-3401TA 0283
SCSI Card sd:ICM IF-2767
Network Card ed3:MELCO LGY-98

Installed daemons...

・FreeBSD 2.2.7(98)-Rev01
   ・sendmail (SMTP server)
   ・fetchmail (POP3 client)
   ・qpopper (POP3 server)
   ・Samba (File and Printer server)
   ・Apache (HTTP server)
   ・ftpd (FTP server)
   ・SAMBA (Domain Controller and SMB Server)

Using IRQ...

0 - System Timer
1 - Keyboard
2 - Standard Display Controler
3INT 0None
4 - Serial port #1(max 9600 bps)
5INT 1ICM IF-2767
6INT 2None
7 - Break out of the line controler possible programing
8 - Co-Processor
9INT 3IDE interface controler
10INT 41None
11INT 421MB FD Controler
13INT 6Mouse interface
14 - parallel interface
15 - Realtime clock

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