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Machine Spec
Model Name NEC PC-9821Xa/U8W
MotherBoard Revision G8RMB
BIOS Revision Rev-0.17
CPU K6-2 360MHz (New Core)
Memory 8MB SIMM x2 = 16MB with parity
and 32MB SIMM x2 = 64MB with Parity Generator
= 80MB
Display NEC PC-HD1521
Hard Disk Drive wd0:QUANTUM LPS540A(503MB)
wd2:CONNER CFA270A(270MB)
CD-ROM Drive cd0:TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-3401TA 0283
SCSI Card sd0:ICM IF-2767
Network Card ed3:MELCO LGY-98

Installed daemons...

   ・iij-ppp + NAT patche (Dialup server)
   ・sendmail (SMTP server)
   ・fetchmail (POP3 client)
   ・qpopper (POP3 server)
   ・bind (Domain Name Service)
   ・Samba (File and Printer server)
   ・Apache (HTTP server)
   ・ftpd (FTP server)
   ・Domain Controller on SAMBA

Using IRQ...

0 - System Timer
1 - Keyboard
2 - Standard Display Controler
3INT 0Matrox MGA-II(Video card)
4 - Serial port #1(max 19200 bps)
5INT 1ICM IF-2767
6INT 2I.O.DATA RSA-98 (High speed serial card x 2ports)
7 - Break out of the line controler possible programing
8 - Co-Processor
9INT 3IDE interface controler
10INT 41MATE-X PCM (Windows Sound System)
11INT 421MB FD Controler
13INT 6Mouse interface
14 - parallel interface
15 - Realtime clock

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